“The Sa shall not be separeted from thee, and thou shalt not be separated from it” By the word Sa, the Egyptians understood that mysterious energy and life-giving power which existed in the gods, and whixh for want of a better name we may call the “fluid fo life”. Its source was the Sun-god, by whatever name he is called, Horus or Ra, and Ra in the text of Unas is said to be “Souvereign of the divina Sa”. The gods and goddesses received this Sa from Ra and comunitated it to those whom the loved upon earth. Accordin to m. Moret the fluid of life could be transmitted from the being who possessed it to the person to whom it was desired to transfer it, by embracin that person and by makin “magnetic passes” along the back. M. Maspero also describes the Sa as a sort of “mannetic fluid” or “aura”, which could be transmitted to a person lying hands on him , or by makin passes over the nape of the neck or de spinal column. The phrase setep sa  means something like to “make passes”. The Sa was transmited to a king from the statue of a god by placin the arms of the statue round him, an by lying one of its hands on the mape of his nec as he knelt before it.   When the statue had exhausted the store of the power which wear it it was able to obtain a fresh supply from the Other Word. The objet of making passes before of the dead or his mummy was to give a place in the fore-front of the company of the KHU, or “Spirits” in the Other Word. This is certan from a passage in the text of Pepi I wherein it is said: “The passes by which he obtained the fluid of life having been made over him by Ra and Horus, he is at the head of the KHU”

  Liturgy of funerary offendings, Pag 33 Wallis Budge